Industrial Heat Pump

For Industrial environments like Hospitals, Hostels, Hotels etc. easy access to hot water is mandatory. This series is both energy-efficient and innovative. An Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater (ASHPWH) from Orange Solar is the go-to solution for readily available hot water. Our ASHPWH’s work even when the outside temperature is way less than zero degrees Celsius. They are energy efficient and save on fuel cost as the heat is absorbed from the atmosphere.

Like every other product from Orange Solar, the smallest detail has been looked at to make sure that only the best product reaches our valuable customer.

Orange Solar Air source heat pump water heaters are usually said to be “fit and forget” units. If you have bought a Orange Solar heat pump water heater, rest assured, you have bought arguably the best product in its category with best in class features in safety, efficiency, power saving and environment protection.

This integrated system is designed specifically for Industrial use. If maximizing performance plus energy savings, is what you are looking for in your Water Heater then you are in the right place!


  • This series is designed specifically keeping in mind Industrial environments like: Hospitals, Swimming Pools, Industrial Applications, Hotels / Resorts etc.
  • Orange Solar ASHPWHs use High efficiency Tube in shell heat exchanger that ensures high Coefficient of performance (COP) which equates to lower operating cost.
  • Orange Solar ASHPWHs provide constant temperature output ranging from 55 to 60 Degree Celsius.
  • Automatic defrost ensures that maintenance and cleaning intervals do not come too often. Orange Solar ASHPWHs operates on a vast range of temperature variation ranging from (-15) to 43 Degree Celsius.
  • Our systems are easy to install and backed by hassle free service.
  • MODBUS Communication: Orange Solar Heat Pump Water Heater uses MODBUS communication protocol. It can be easily integrated into most existing building management systems without hassle.
  • Environment friendly refrigerant: our heat pumps only use environment friendly R410a refrigerant.
  • Orange Solar ASHPWHs come integrated with high pressure protection systems that ensure safety.
  • Orange Solar ASHPWHs come equipped with a water-resistant body. They are coated with an anti-corrosive coating that ensures long lasting maintenance free operation.


11.5 KW Heat Pump             19.5 KW Heat Pump


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